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Hello, I’m Victor Nakoriakov. Developer and entrepreneur living in Russia. Currently, I’m running a successful business, the Amperka company (amperka.ru — the essense, amperka.com — a little lovely branch). We are a very well-known vendor and seller of DIY-electronics in Russia. I’m the founder and CTO here.

Nevertheless, programming and computer science is still my passion. Sometimes I invincibly want to write and share my mind. I used to write on collective blog platforms but they slip away. That’s the reason the blog exists.

I also maintain and create various software things for the company and as side-projects. If only I had enough energy, I could share a very long story. For the time of my career I have had close experience with:

  • C/C++, Python, JavaScript, ReasonML/ReScript
  • Software architecture
  • Building web-based software
  • RDBMS and SQL
  • Distributed computing and various message brokers
  • 3D Graphics and OpenGL
  • Linux
  • Arduino, Raspberry Pi, electronics engineering
  • DevOps, continuous integration and delivery
  • Agile project management, scrum

I’d list a hundred of frameworks, libraries, and tools as well but it has a little sense because they change every season.

Why “Full Steak,” isn’t it a typo?

Kind of. The site name is dedicated to ignorant head hunters in Russia. From time to time they reach me and suggest their services to find “the best full-steak developers” for us. I also see a lot of vacancies looking for “full-steak developers”. They write them, they pay for them. When an HR suggests me full-steak developers I’m asking if they can find “medium-rare developers”… and this uncomfortable pause is the most funny thing in the talk 😝

Besides that, I like cooking. Hence the name.

Can we make a business?

If you’d like to invite me to a conference as a speaker, sure, let’s discuss. Or if you have another kind of offer, feel free to write me too. victor@fullsteak.dev